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CIM2021 : In measurement we trust
The International Metrology Congress is a

Unique event in Europe

a showcase for industrial applications, advances in R&D and prospects dedicated to measurements, analysis and testing processes.


  • Optimise your measurements, analysis and testing processes
  • Explore the evolution of techniques
  • Anticipate the advances in R&D


  • 1 000 participants from 45 countries
  • 70% are end-users from industry, and all industrial fields
  • 30% are official bodies, research laboratories and academics


  • 200 presentations and 6 round tables sessions
  • An exhibition showcasing innovations and solutions
  • Professional networking opportunities

What’s new ?
Industry 4.0, health, green deal

  • An “augmented” congress in synergy with Global Industrie, the major show on Industry and Industry 4.0 topics
  • Workshops and meetings between official European and international bodies and stakeholders
  • Pitch presentations and videos
  • An enlarged Metrology Village within the Measurement World Exhibition



  • Controlled Measurements

    uncertainties, traceability, cost optimisation, certification, standardisation, conformity and risks ... for measurement, analysis and testing processes
  • Optimised Measurements

    techniques and best practices for mass, force, flow, pressure, dimension, electricity, time-frequency, temperature, hygrometry, optics and photonics, ionising radiation, chemical measures, biological measures …
  • Advanced Measurements

    • new technologies, smart sensors, IIOT
    • data qualification, analysis and security
    • quantum technology, AI, blockchain
    • jobs evolution, recruitment

With applications to all sectors: mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, health, agro-food, environment, pollution, energy...



Round tables sessions


  • Metrology in the digital age

  • The role of Metrology and Quality infrastructures in the transition to Industry 4.0

  • Shopfloor measurement challenges

  • The future of diagnostics: a smart approach to health measurements

  • Industry emissions: metrology support to achieve the new requirements

  • New skills for the future metrologists









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